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  • Toxic plants and your pets
    Plants That Are Poisonous to Pets3 Human Foods You Should Never Feed Your Pet It's a rare pet parent who has never slipped a treat to a pet. After all, those Read more
  • Nice reference for the staff at Faust
    We just received the nicest letter from one of our favorite clients and I wanted to share it with you.  Here it is!Hi, ladies! I just wanted to congratulate you Read more
  • What to do if you have lost your pet
    Read more
  • AVMA Video on Periodontal Disease
    Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition in cats and dogs even though it's completely preventable. AVMA Doctor explains what periodontal disease is and how we can prevent our Read more
  • DENTISTRY why is it important?
    It's estimated that 85 percent of all pets have dental disease by the time they are 3 years of age. Dental disease causes the tissue surrounding the teeth to deteriorate Read more
  • Therapy dog Bella
    One of our clients is the proud owner of Bella, an English Cream Golden Retriever therapy dog.  Chris and Bella recently visited the VA hospital in Phoenix to lift the Read more
  • SLIM DOWN 2012
    We want to turn your BowWow or Meow into WoW!!Did you know that added weight can shorten your pets life by as much as two years?Weight is a contributing factor Read more
  • Post Thanksgiving
    What a beautiful day yesterday!  I hope your cats and dogs survived all of the chaos and leftover. Remember that gravy and turkey are not good for your pets, even Read more
  • Oh, the pain, the pain!
    A few weeks ago, we detected heartworm disease in a cat and a dog in the same week.  Unfortunately, there is not cure for heartworm disease in cats, there is Read more
  • How old is my cat/dog in human years?
    Dogs are considered senior at age 6 to 8, and cats at age 7.  Both cats and dogs age approximately 7 equivalent human years for each year of their life.  Read more
  • Animal Bites
    One of our doctors was accidently bitten by a cat in our office.  Cat bites are very infectious, so you are bitten and the bite pierces the skin, we advise Read more
  • Dogs and ear problems!!!
    I have such sympathy for our clients who have had to medicate and ecollar their dogs now.  My foster labarador, Molly, cut the very tip of her ear and shook Read more
  • Valley Fever in canines may be on the rise
    Coccidioidomycosis, or Valley Fever, is a common disease in the Southwestern United States.  You, and your other pets, cannot catch Valley Fever from an infected pet, or even from an Read more
  • Table scraps and your pet family
    Sharing a scrap of chicken or pizza crust as a treat with a family pet is common.  Pet owners feel compelled to share food, especially that last piece of bacon Read more
  • Dental care for dogs
    We see so many dogs come in who are in their middle years and their teeth have the beginnings of gingivitis.  I know if it was my mouth, it would Read more

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