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Dental Month is here again 2017!!!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month!!!!!

The odor that you smell might be a warning sign your pet needs a dental. Undetected dental disease could be putting your pet's teeth at risk, Bacteria or infection could be putting unnecessary stress on the heart, liver and kidneys.  A simple yearly dental exam will help with early detection and prevention of further damage. 

Here is a simple list to help understand when a visit to your Veterinarian is recommended. 

Symptoms or signs: 

  • Not eating
  • Reduced appetite
  • Chews only on one side
  • Won't play with toys 
  • Cries out when mouth/face is touched
  • Begins to drool 
  • When a cracked or broken tooth is visible 
  • If there are any extra teeth / retained baby teeth
  • Teeth have tarter build up
  • Loose teeth
  • Bleeding from mouth / gums
  • Redness or swelling of the gums

Let's talk prevention!!!!  Preventative care is the best way to help protect your pet from advanced stages of periodontal disease.  We want to help provide you all the tools to reduce the risk and ensure your pet's dental health and overall health and wellbeing. Veterinary approved dental chews can also help in the battle.  There are new products out on the market that are safe and have advanced technologies to help with bacteria reduction and ingredients to assist with protection if used daily.  Orovet is the latest in the battle of dental disease.  Click here to see more on OraVet

There are several dental diets available to help reduce bacteria and plaque buildup.  They are as easy as feeding your dog daily and the benefit begins.  Many times there are coupons available to encourage owner's to utilize this for prevention.  Ask one of our staff members for your coupon today. 

If you have determined that your pet does need a dental make sure you are choosing an anesthetic dental over the highly controversial non-anesthetic procedure. Only under anesthesia can your pet receive a quality cleaning.  There are NO substitutes!!!  

You can read what the ADVC (American Veterinary Dental Collage) says about "Anesthesia Free" Click here to read: What is Anesthesia Free?

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