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Safety first on Halloween



Dr. Wiblin and Jetson

I want to talk TRICKS to keep you pets safe and happy this Halloween.  Halloween is a fun time of year, cute costumes, Halloween parties, fun for the kids and families, but it can be very hazardous for our furry family members.  There are things to consider and precautions we can take to ensure everyone has a SAFE and fun holiday. 

1. Anxiety in your pets

It is scary to many pets to have the doorbell ringing, children in costumes standing at the door and the overall excitement that Halloween brings.  Please keep pets in a quiet area of the house where they can rest peacefully and stay away from the chaos.  If you have a pet that suffers from anxiety there are ways we can help reduce the stress and provide a more peaceful experience.  Call the office for details. 

2.Candy and chocolate toxicity

Many of the treats are made of chocolate and smell delicious.  Most know chocolate is toxic, dark chocolate being especially toxic.  Another serious toxin is Xylitol and artificial sweetener found in many gum products and candies.  It is best to keep all candy out of reach and away from our furry family members.


Be careful with pet costumes, make sure they are loose fitting and do not have anything that dangles that your pet could easily chew or swallow. Do not leave your pet alone while wearing their costume to ensure they do not get tangled or injured.

When getting the little ones or yourself ready for the celebration keep all accessories out of reach, glue, beads, makeup and anything that could potentially cause harm to your pet.


Think about where you place your decorations, make sure candles are placed where dogs will not knock them over or be injured when inquiring about that moving flame or your feline friends don't singe those whiskers when they get to close.  Decorations around the home should all be kept at a safe level to reduce the risk of ingestion.


Make sure your pet has a collar that is snug enough not to slip off and a current ID tag with your phone number to ensure if your pet does get out or get lost that they can be returned home safely.  We also HIGHLY recommend you pet be microchipped, this is a form of identification that cannot be removed or lost.  All facilities that take or house animals have a microchip scanner and can scan a pets number.  Contact your microchip company to make sure all of your information is up to date.  This will make things easier when trying to get your pet back to you. 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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