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Doggie Day Care

Doggie Daycare at Faust is a fun, safe, energetic and comfortable environment for your dog to socialize with other well balanced dogs. Our small, but cozy daycare allows for a limited amount of dogs to socialize at one time. We are not trying to compete with the large daycare facilities, so there will never be overcrowding. We are able to really match personalities, so we find your dog that "special" friend he/she will look forward to playing with each visit.

With being a small facility we also have the ability to provide one on one daycare for those dogs who have special socialization needs. They may not do well in a group setting, but would enjoy some one on one time with Ruth our kennel attendant. (affectionately known as Mama Ruth). Her kind and gentle way can warm the heart of any dog. Your dog can play ball, go through the agility course, slide down the slide or just enjoy a belly rub.

Another unique feature about Faust daycare is we accept Pit Bulls into our daycare. We recognize that this breed has received a bad rap and they deserve to have playtime as much as any breed. All breeds have the potential for aggression, so we do not discriminate. Dogs need socialization, they are pack animals and long to play with other dogs. All of our dogs are put through an assessment to determine whether they are a candidate for daycare. When a dog passes evaluation and is accepted into daycare they are matched with playmates of the same temperament, size is not always the determining factor in placement. Ruth our daycare attendant supervises all playtime.

Daycare requirements:

All dogs must be FULLY vaccinated with Da2p (distemper parvo), Bordetella, Rabies and Leptospirosis. No exceptions.

All Day camp dogs must be picked up by 4:30pm unless other arrangements have been made.

Any Day Care dogs not picked up by closing will be checked in for overnight boarding and our standard overnight fees will apply.

During the temperament evaluation we will determined your dog’s suitability for a designated play group. We will make every effort to place dogs in appropriate groups based on temperament, size, energy level and age. If your dog is unable to be placed in a group, individual playtime is available.

Any pet that has been sick with a contagious illness will need to be cleared by a veterinarian prior to re-entry into Day camp.

Daycare Pricing:

Half day - $15.00

Full day – $25.00

2nd Dog:

1/2 day $10.00 full day $20.00

Additional dogs:

1/2 day $8.00 Full day $18.00

Daycare fee with overnight boarding:

$10.00 2nd Dog $8.00

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